“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
– Albert Einstein

Product Description

  • Our overdentures have a specific path of insertion and are remarkably easy to insert and remove from the mouth, yet held in the mouth with amazing strength.
  • Our product has magnetic and mechanical retention with no replaceable attachments.
  • Our magnetic overdentures have infinite and strong retention.
  • Our patent-pending overdenture design has clinicians across the world excited.
  • The Magbar® is compatible with virtually any implant system.
  • Our magnetic overdentures are made to be as stable and esthetic as your natural healthy dentition.

Helpful pre-prosthetic requirements and considerations to ensure successful outcome of bar overdenture case:

  • 12-14 mm of occlusal space per arch, or 24-28 mm of occlusal space for both arches (consider bone reduction if there is a question of restorative space)
  • Parallel or near parallel implants (consider use of multi unit angle correcting abutments)
  • Level/flat alveolar ridge
    • Minimum dimensions of bone in Maxillary arch:
  • 5mm width, 10mm length
  • Minimum dimensions of bone in Mandibular arch:
    • 5mm width, 8mm height
  • Consider using virtual planning of implant placement and use of surgical guides. Consult with oral surgeon.
  • Consult with our lab prior to starting case.
  • 3-4 mandibular implants
  • 5-6 maxillary implants
  • Adequate implant distribution & AP spread

*Remember CAD/CAM addresses errors in the casting process only and does not address errors in impression making.